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5 Points to be a Successful Web Consultant

23 February , 2014 | Category: Technology and Internet

The technology and the overall game has changed a lot since I joined the community of independent consultants back when I was in my high school. Back then I lived in a small town called Serampore, West Bengal and to my classmates the idea of working on commercial projects as an individual was qui...

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Rebirth of

15 February , 2014 | Category: Technology and Internet

Maybe you already have noticed that I have revamped the website insideout including its functionality, page structure and some of the design aspects. Several people asked me why I threw out my own site to make room for a new one? Was it that necessary? Well, I would take this opport...

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Increase Productivity in Your Tech Life

09 February , 2014 | Category: Technology and Internet

I think I am getting on to my blog after about one and a half months. While I did miss the interaction with my readers and the delightful feeling of the notification mails received on my inbox, I sincerely believe that I deserved this break. You know, sometimes for a better productivity you need ...

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